Monday, 4 February 2013

Before and After: Foyer

Remember that colour I was telling you about from Behr, that I was going to use in my entryway, halls, living and dining rooms? Well, it turned out awfully pale! I've never painted a wall so pale in my life. I almost had a heart attack! I'm going to keep the foyer and hall in that colour (Chocolate Froth by Behr) but I think I'll be choosing the next darkest colour on the paint swatch for the living and dining rooms.

After MUCH work, I've finished painting the ceiling and walls in the foyer. I still have to do the wall leading up the stairs and the upper landing, not to mention paint all the trim; 3 doors, 2 windows, the stair risers and the bannister! Of course, now the wood door looks weird, and I'll have to paint that, too. Maybe the same grey I plan on using on the kitchen cupboards.

After I finished the ceiling and walls this afternoon, I "rewarded" myself for getting the foyer done by installing my new entryway solution. I think it looks pretty sharp! 1000 times better than my slapdash hooks and craptacular bamboo shoe racks that were there before. I still haven't put together my new shoe racks from IKEA, but I'm gonna go do it right now. For now, here are the before and afters of the entryway.

Chocolate Froth is pretty much white. Still nice, but white! I'm going to try out Wheat Bread in the living and dining rooms. I'm sure I'll get crumbs all over the place.

Slapdash entryway before. This is as bad as it's ever looked, the bookcase was just pinch-hitting for the other 2 terrible shoe racks that broke last week.

Ooh la freaking la! Pretty sweet, right?


  1. What a wonderful improvement. Where did you get the boutique store-style coat racks?

  2. Hi Jacqueline,

    I work in retail, so my boss let me take them home from work. You could find somthing similar at a retail display store. I believe ours originally came from a store called WR DIsplay ( but you should be able to Google retail display + the name of your city and find something similar. Thanks for reading!